Things to Do to Improve Your Vision, Naturally

Tips for Healthy Eyes

While corrective surgery does improve eyesight, there are ways to prolong your eye health and even improve eyesight naturally. Broken down into three categories, these tips will help you to see clearer than ever before.

Diet tips for healthy eyes:

Providing your eyes with the necessary nutrients is critical to maintaining their health and fighting against natural aging.

Image of a breakfast bowl with goji and blueberries on top. concept of berries that are good for eye health.

  • Vitamins A, C, E as well as copper and zinc are very important to eyesight.
  • Eat more dark, leafy greens, egg yolks, pumpkin, yellow peppers, sweet potatoes, and carrots. These natural foods contain antioxidants like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin to shield your macula better from sun damage.
  • Reach for garlic, onions, shallots, and capers more. Containing sulfur, cysteine, and lecithin, these options assist to protect from cataracts forming.
  • Anthocyanin, found in blueberries, grapes and goji berries, is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that improves overall vision.
  • Cell membrane health is boosted by DHA (fatty acid). This can be found in fish such as salmon, sardines, cod, and mackerel.

Eye Exercises:

Yes, exercising your eyes is possible. Simple exercises can fight off floaters and prolong your vision.

Image of man doing eye exercises

  • Rub your palms together to warm them up and then place your hands on your eyes. Hold this for five seconds and repeat up to three times.
  • Look up at the ceiling and circle your focus clockwise 10 times and then counter-clockwise 10 times.
  • Hold an object at arm’s length and focus on it. Bring the object slowly towards you until it is six inches from your nose and then return your arm to fully outstretched. Repeat this exercise ten times.
  • Using small circles, massage your temples 20 times in each direction. This can be repeated above the center of your eyebrows and the sides of the bridge of your nose.


Image of woman working on computer resting her eyes.

  • It may sound like common sense, but proper sleep is also important for eye health. Without enough time, the repairing and recovery process cannot be completed. A solid goal is to try for eight hours of sleep.
  • Don’t hesitate to take breaks during the day. The constant focus on computer screens and reading will strain your eyes. Take a 10-minute break for every 50 minutes worked and you will immediately notice the results.

With more and more screens in front of us, eye health has inevitably suffered. Keep these tips in mind to naturally help your body fight back and your eyes stay healthy. Although these natural suggestions can prolong health and improve your vision in moderation, consider eye surgery for immediate and exceptional results.

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