These Enhancements to Lasik Surgery Will Amaze You

Every year, the optical industry makes leaps in corrective procedures, corrective aids and overall enhancement of vision, delivering to us our sharpest vision, one of the most valuable senses in our biological arsenal. In 2015, millions of people were given the gift of better sight, a present well-cherished and never gone unseen, no pun intended. Amongst the advancements and procedures: lasik surgery and other vision laser procedures ranked incredibly high.

Surgical procedures received rave reviews from patients of lasik surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, refractive surgery and corneal surgery. Over 20 million procedures were performed throughout the world, allowing so many to see just that; the world. In some parts of the globe, exceptional advancements were made.

In Hawaii, surgeons used a bionic eye to restore a woman’s vision. A bionic eye is essentially a fake eye. It uses a retinal implant (mirroring closely the function of the retina) connected to a video camera, which converts images into electrical impulses. The impulses trigger active retinal cells, which go on to carry the signal to the brain. It takes time to fully develop the vision function, and this was only the second known instance to use a bionic eye to restore vision. Bravo, surgeons and scientists!

Lasik surgery extended itself to eye coloring. Superficial? Perhaps. Super cool? Yes. Laser procedure for blue eyes boomed in 2015 as patients all over the world were lining up to have the brown pigment removed from their eyes, unmasking light, blue colored irises. The procedure takes only 20 seconds, but several weeks for results to show. The procedure is not yet risk-free, but it certainly is making blue eyes all the rage.

Several conferences were held in 2015 that brought together the best and the brightest in optometry. Amongst them, Vision Matters created awareness in the UK around National Eye Health Week. Eye Disorders and Treatment Conference in Maryland focused on ocular treatment technology. Medical and surgical ophthalmology advancements were shared with scientists, students, eye surgeons, specialists and ophthalmologists. In a symposium in California laser focused on refractive surgery, cataract surgery and IOL advancements. Audience members listened to five days of lectures and speeches, all surrounding surgical innovation that were either taking place or would soon become a reality.

2015 was nothing shy of an incredible year for eyes. If it sounds like the optical industry could make positive change in your life, get in touch with Diamond Vision today. Your best eyesight could be just days away.

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