Seeing Clearly after LASIK

So you’ve decided to undergo LASIK surgery to correct your vision and eliminate your dependency upon glasses and/or contacts to see and function on a daily basis. Now, you know what occurs during the quick LASIK surgery procedure, but knowing what to expect after the surgery and during the recovery process is something you might not have thought of. It’s best to discuss the before, during, and after expectations of LASIK surgery with your doctor, but here is an idea of what you might expect.

Immediately following the surgery, you may experience itchy, scratchy or even burning eyes with some discomfort to mild pain. Your vision will most likely be blurry and/or hazy and the natural instinct at this point is to rub your eyes to try and fix whatever your body thinks is wrong, but DON’T because this could dislodge the cornea flap causing more problems. Light sensitivity is completely normal as well as halos and starbursts around bright objects. Your doctor will want to see you within the first 24-48 hours post-surgery to examine your eyes and test your vision. You should wait up to three days before returning to non-contact sports, up to two weeks before using creams, lotions or makeup to prevent possible infections, and 1 to 2 months before swimming or using hot tubs. The most important thing to remember is that it can be up to 6 months before your eyes fully stabilize after the surgery, so while some immediate results can be seen, it may take some time before your expectations are reached.

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