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Prevent These Common Eye Injuries

Eye doc­tors in New York are con­stant­ly echo­ing warn­ings about eye­sight dete­ri­o­ra­tion pre­ven­tion. There are weak­ness­es in the eye that hap­pen nat­u­ral­ly, over time. For most of these, there is lit­tle we can do to stop it from hap­pen­ing. But some­times our eyes weak­en as a result of bad habits in which we indulge or acci­den­tal sit­u­a­tions that we don’t rem­e­dy right away.  These are mat­ters to which we should pos­i­tive­ly pay atten­tion. There are also signs of eye injury occur­ring that we can cut in at the right time to pre­vent from wors­en­ing and caus­ing per­ma­nent dam­age.

Let’s look at some of the most com­mon eye injuries, when it is time for con­cern and what steps to take to keep your vision healthy.

Corneal Abra­sion (scratched eye)

When a for­eign body, like sand or dust, is present in the eye, it can scratch the cornea. As we get irri­tat­ed and start rub­bing our eyes, the par­ti­cle only scratch­es the cornea more. This leads to eye red­ness and sen­si­tiv­i­ty to light. If there is some­thing in your eye, get to the doc­tor for cor­rect removal. If you can­not get into your eye doc­tor, try an urgent care cen­ter.

Scratch­es in the eye are harm­ful because they open up the cornea to infec­tion from bac­te­ria and fun­gus. Worst case effect is blind­ness.

What­ev­er you do, don’t rub or patch your scratched eye. Bac­te­ria thrive in dark, warm places, so patch­ing the eye will only encour­age dan­ger to fes­ter. You can loose­ly tape a paper cup over the eye until you get to the doc­tor.

Pen­e­trat­ing Objects in the Eye

If a more intense object gets in the eye, like a piece of met­al, get to the emer­gency room imme­di­ate­ly. Do not attempt to remove the object your­self; you will like­ly cause even more dam­age to the eye. Make sure that your doc­tor removes the small pieces of met­al that have not yet pen­e­trat­ed into the eye’s inte­ri­or. These could turn to rust and cause severe, irre­versible impair­ment.

Chem­i­cal Burn

Chem­i­cal burn is usu­al­ly caused by get­ting splashed in the eye with sub­stances oth­er than clean water or rub­bing your eyes after using chem­i­cal prod­ucts. Some sub­stances cause intense burn­ing sen­sa­tions but don’t result in any long-last­ing harm. Oth­ers- usu­al­ly alka­li sub­stances like chalk dust or toi­let bowl clean­er- can be extreme­ly dan­ger­ous.

If you get splashed with a chem­i­cal sub­stance, run warm tap water over your eye for 15 min­utes, let­ting it run into your eye and down your face. If after you’ve rinsed, your eye is still extreme­ly red and irri­tat­ed, get to the doc­tor or emer­gency room imme­di­ate­ly.

Eye Swelling

Eyes swell for a num­ber of rea­sons, and it is usu­al­ly fair­ly benign. Treat the bruised or puffy eye with an ice pack to relieve the swelling. It’s a good idea to see your doc­tor to check for any inter­nal bleed­ing or dam­age, just to be on the safe side.

Eye Bleed­ing

A sub­con­junc­ti­val hem­or­rhage hap­pens when a blood ves­sel breaks and leaks into the white of the eye, or the scle­ra. Minor injuries can lead to hem­or­rhages, so they are not always the high­est risk. Hem­or­rhages are usu­al­ly pain­less and clear them­selves with­in a few weeks. If you have any con­cern, it is a good idea to see your doc­tor.

Trau­mat­ic Iri­tis

The iris is the col­ored part of your eye that encir­cles your pupil. It can get inflamed after injuries such as pokes or blows to the eye from a ball or hand.

If you notice that your iris is inflamed, you need to see a doc­tor imme­di­ate­ly. Trau­mat­ic iri­tis almost always requires treat­ment and decreased vision is more like­ly with every minute that pass­es.

Although most injuries are easy to main­tain and pre­vent from wors­en­ing, it is impor­tant to con­sult an expert any time your eye­sight is at risk. If you have an eye injury and are search­ing for eye doc­tors Man­hat­tan, reach out to Dia­mond Vision. Mak­ing an appoint­ment is easy and our staff offers the most reli­able advice and con­sul­ta­tion.

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