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Post-LASIK Dry Eye – Common and Treatable

If you have devel­oped dry eye after under­go­ing LASIK, you are not alone. Dry eye is an extreme­ly com­mon after­ef­fect of LASIK, affect­ing approx­i­mate­ly 50 per­cent of patients. The symp­toms are usu­al­ly mild, and they typ­i­cal­ly don’t last long. How­ev­er, in some cas­es, dry eye can per­sist for months or years.

The rea­son so many peo­ple expe­ri­ence dry eye fol­low­ing LASIK is that the cre­ation of the corneal flaps affects the nerves that reg­u­late the pro­duc­tion of tears. For this rea­son, if you are pre­dis­posed to dry eye, a pro­ce­dure oth­er than LASIK may be the best way to improve your vision while less­en­ing your risk of devel­op­ing dry eye.

Ear­ly detec­tion is the key to avoid­ing severe dry eye. By under­go­ing tests with your eye doc­tor, you can avoid this bur­den­some con­di­tion.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eye can be caused by genet­ics, eye surgery and oth­er fac­tors.

Eye surgery some­times reduces the sen­si­tiv­i­ty of the corneal nerves, which can pre­vent your eye from rec­og­niz­ing the need for lubri­ca­tion and cause you to pro­duce less tears. The corneal flap cre­at­ed dur­ing LASIK makes this pro­ce­dure more like­ly than “sur­face abla­tion” pro­ce­dures (e.g., PRK or epi-LASIK) to cause this prob­lem.

Dry eye isn’t always a result of LASIK or anoth­er eye surgery. Many peo­ple expe­ri­ence dry eye well before their LASIK pro­ce­dure. Con­tact lens use, for exam­ple, is a very com­mon cause of dry eye.

How is it Treated?

Dry eye can lead to dis­com­fort and less-than-sat­is­fac­to­ry results. Con­se­quent­ly, your eye sur­geon may attempt to help you pre­vent it before it even devel­ops.

The fol­low­ing can help with tear pro­duc­tion both before and after LASIK surgery:

  • Pre­scrip­tion eye drops
  • Sup­ple­ments con­tain­ing flaxseed oil and/or fish oil
  • Anti-inflam­ma­to­ries such as cor­ti­cos­teroids
  • Stay­ing well-hydrat­ed (drink lots of water)

If you devel­op dry eye after hav­ing LASIK, your sur­geon may advise you to have punc­tal plugs insert­ed into your eyes’ drainage chan­nels to increase mois­ture.

Screening for Dry Eye

Because dry eye can affect the out­come of your LASIK pro­ce­dure, your sur­geon may con­duct screen­ing tests to assess your tear pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion, as well as your tear film, pri­or to the pro­ce­dure. These tests will help your sur­geon deter­mine if you are like­ly to devel­op dry eye after your surgery.

Risk Factors

Risk fac­tors for dry eye fol­low­ing LASIK include the fol­low­ing:

Severe myopia. If you have severe myopia (near­sight­ed­ness), you may be at increased risk of devel­op­ing dry eye after LASIK, because your cornea will need to be treat­ed at a deep­er lev­el.

Aging. This is a sig­nif­i­cant fac­tor, espe­cial­ly for women who have been through menopause.

Cer­tain med­ica­tions. If you take anti­his­t­a­mines for your aller­gies, or if you take blood pres­sure med­ica­tion or anti­de­pres­sants, you may be at increased risk of devel­op­ing dry eye after LASIK.

Dry weath­er or envi­ron­ment. Air con­di­tion­ing and indoor heat­ing cause many peo­ple to devel­op dry eye, as do dry cli­mates such as the desert.

To learn more about caus­es, treat­ments, risk fac­tors and oth­er fac­tors per­tain­ing to dry eye, sched­ule an appoint­ment with your eye doc­tor today.



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