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New Solution for Keratoconus

Most eye dis­eases and con­di­tions that are age relat­ed often begin lat­er dur­ing an individual’s life but a few start ear­li­er. Ker­a­to­conus is one such dis­ease that begins dur­ing a person’s teens or ear­ly 20’s. This pro­gres­sive eye dis­ease caus­es thin­ning of corneal lay­ers of the eye, which results in dis­tinc­tive bulging of the nor­mal­ly flat cornea. The cone shape of the cornea deflects light enter­ing the eye, which dis­torts the vision of the indi­vid­ual. New research sug­gests that an imbal­ance in corneal enzymes leads to sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to oxida­tive dam­age (weakening/thinning) from free rad­i­cals.

While there were only a few real­is­tic treat­ment options for indi­vid­u­als who suf­fered from ker­a­to­conus pri­or to 2004, the FDA for­mal­ly approved Intacs to be used as corneal implants giv­ing patients an less inva­sive option com­pared to corneal trans­plants. This allowed eye sur­geons to use Intacs surgery to treat, reduce or elim­i­nate myopia and astig­ma­tism in patients that suf­fered from ker­a­to­conus. The Intacs pro­ce­dure involves insert­ing two tiny, clear cres­cent-shaped poly­mer pieces into the lay­ers of the cornea to reshape and flat­ten the bulge cre­at­ed by ker­a­to­conus.  

Dia­mond Vision’s award-win­ning sur­geons per­form a vari­ety of vision enhanc­ing and cor­rect­ing pro­ce­dures and Intacs corneal implants is one of them. For patients that strug­gle with an intol­er­ance to con­tact lens­es or face corneal trans­plants, Intacs pro­vide excep­tion­al results. After sta­bi­liz­ing the cornea, the patient’s near­sight­ed­ness and astig­ma­tism are elim­i­nat­ed due to the new­ly shaped cornea. If, due to an extreme­ly small and unlike­ly chance, that a patient is unsat­is­fied with the results of the Intacs pro­ce­dure, the Intacs are eas­i­ly removed with­out com­pli­ca­tions.

With nine con­ve­nient loca­tions in New York, New Jer­sey, Con­necti­cut and Geor­gia, you’ll be sure to find a loca­tion near­by. Con­tact Dia­mond Vision today to set up your free con­sul­ta­tion to see if Intac corneal implants are right for you and your vision.

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