New Findings Show we can Naturally Remedy Dry and Irritated Eyes

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New Findings Show we can Naturally Remedy Dry and Irritated Eyes

Dry eyes are not just uncom­fort­able- they’re often a sign from our eyes that some­thing isn’t right. They can be as sim­ple as an adverse reac­tion to the envi­ron­ment, but could be indica­tive of a seri­ous­ly, under­ly­ing med­ical issue.

Symp­toms of dry eyes vary. Here are some of the most com­mon man­i­fes­ta­tions:

  • Dry and scratchy feel­ing
  • Red­ness
  • Sen­sa­tion of some­thing being in the eye
  • Blurred vision
  • Sen­si­tive to light
  • Mucus in/around the eyes
  • Fatigued eyes

When you’re search­ing for the per­fect treat­ment for dry eyes, it’s impor­tant to first iden­ti­fy the source of your eye irri­ta­tion. Here are some of the best prac­tices for treat­ing dry eyes:

  • Prac­tice good eye health
    • Wear sun­glass­es! Just as the sun dries our skin, it dries our eyes. Keep those eye­balls pro­tect­ed.
    • Clean your eye­lids with an over-the-counter wash (hack: try baby sham­poo!). Mas­sage the base of your eye­lash­es before you rinse.
    • Prac­tice blink­ing. It sounds sil­ly, but blink­ing helps lubri­cate the eye­ball. Prac­tice this espe­cial­ly dur­ing screen time. And hey, you might just become a nat­ur­al eye bat­ter!
  • Change envi­ron­ments
    • Fac­tors like smoke, wind or dust can have a hor­ri­bly irri­tat­ing effect on our eyes. This is an easy fix! Turn AC vents away from your face, roll win­dows up, or head inside.
  • Use your diet
    • It’s all about the Omega‑3 fat­ty acids these days. But real­ly! They can help relieve dry eye symp­toms by reduc­ing eye inflam­ma­tion and allow­ing for more tear pro­duc­tion. Not sure where to find these fat­ty acids? Try these foods:
      • Flaxseed
      • Chia seed
      • Fat­ty fish (salmon, tuna, mack­er­el, sar­dines)
      • Eggs
      • Wal­nuts
      • Palm oil
      • Soy­bean oil
  • Drops
    • If your symp­toms per­sist in an irri­tat­ing enough man­ner, try non-pre­scrip­tion dry- eye drops. Note: these are for tem­po­rary relief. Make sure to come into a clin­ic to address the under­ly­ing, long-time-reliev­ing issue.

Remem­ber, it’s impor­tant to stay on top of your eye health! You nev­er want to let things get out of hand before it’s too late. Treat your prob­lem with home reme­dies as best you can, but be sure to let your eye doc­tor what’s going on. For more tips of the best treat­ment for dry eyes, be in touch with Dia­mond Vision.

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