• Natural Way of Curing Astigmatism

Natural Way of Curing Astigmatism

When you vis­it your eye doc­tor, there are prob­a­bly a few com­mon terms heard around the office that you may or may not know. Myopia, pres­by­opia, and oth­ers are the med­ical terms for dif­fer­ent types of refrac­tive vision errors. Per­haps the most fre­quent­ly heard one, that many may not tru­ly know what it means, is astig­ma­tism.

Near­sight­ed­ness (myopia), far­sight­ed­ness (hyper­opia) and astig­ma­tism are the three most com­mon types of vision errors and each has to do with the shape of the eye and how light is focused. Learn­ing what each error means exact­ly can help you bet­ter under­stand the options avail­able for cor­rect­ing or cur­ing the error.

Common Refractive Vision Errors

Myopia - when the cornea has too much cur­va­ture or an elon­gat­ed shape. This caus­es a per­son to be unable to focus light prop­er­ly from objects that are far away; hence why it is com­mon­ly referred to as near­sight­ed­ness.

Hyper­opia — oth­er­wise known as far­sight­ed­ness, hap­pens when the cornea does not have enough cur­va­ture, or the eye is too short in shape. The lack of cur­va­ture caus­es the light from close objects to focus improp­er­ly on the reti­na, which results in blur­ry up close vision.

Astig­ma­tism - peo­ple who have astig­ma­tism will have an irreg­u­lar­ly shaped cornea (egg-like or foot­ball-shaped, most often). Unlike myopia or hyper­opia, when light enters through a cornea with astig­ma­tism, the light is dis­tort­ed and refract­ed to mul­ti­ple dif­fer­ent focal points with­in the eye. This can cause vision prob­lems, both near and far, for indi­vid­u­als with astig­ma­tism. There are two types of astig­ma­tism; reg­u­lar and irreg­u­lar.


Reg­u­lar — the eye­ball is not spher­i­cal but is sym­met­ri­cal; most com­mon

Irreg­u­lar — the eye­ball is nei­ther spher­i­cal nor sym­met­ri­cal; rare

When it comes to solv­ing refrac­tive errors like astig­ma­tism, there are a few options. The goal is to have the light that enters the eye focus prop­er­ly on the reti­na in order to allow clear vision. Glass­es and con­tact lens­es coun­ter­act the irreg­u­lar shapes of an individual’s corneas with­out any per­ma­nent alter­ations. Laser eye surgery phys­i­cal­ly cor­rects the shape of the cornea by remov­ing tis­sue to allow the light to focus prop­er­ly.

All of these options work for all three of the refrac­tive errors (the less severe the dis­tor­tion, the bet­ter suc­cess) but in today’s soci­ety, many indi­vid­u­als try to seek nat­ur­al ways of fix­ing health prob­lems.

You may have to ask your eye doc­tor how to cure astig­ma­tism nat­u­ral­ly because glass­es and/or con­tacts might not be ide­al options for every­one, and the surgery is usu­al­ly the last resort. While find­ing Astig­ma­tism cure nat­u­ral­ly sounds almost impos­si­ble, there are sev­er­al things you can do to help pre­vent it from get­ting worse. Reg­u­lar eye doc­tor vis­its to catch and cor­rect vision prob­lems ear­ly on can help pre­vent relat­ed symp­toms such as headaches. Also, healthy diet and exer­cise can help main­tain prop­er blood flow, nutri­ents, and repairs to your eye tis­sues and keep your eyes work­ing prop­er­ly. How­ev­er, if you are look­ing for a long-term solu­tion for your astig­ma­tism, laser surgery may be the right fit for you.

Depend­ing on the sever­i­ty of your refrac­tive error, there are sev­er­al options to choose from when it comes to laser eye surgery. Let us at Dia­mond Vision help you nav­i­gate the mul­ti­tude of choic­es that you have when it comes to cor­rect­ing your vision. Dr. Stet­son and his team of high­ly-qual­i­fied and expe­ri­enced sur­geons are proud to offer the very lat­est in laser eye surgery tech­niques and pro­ce­dures. Sat­is­fied patients are our moti­va­tion and noth­ing means more to us than help­ing peo­ple see clear­ly again. Call us today to sched­ule your free con­sul­ta­tion and learn about the options avail­able for cor­rect your astig­ma­tism!


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