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Music Has a Calming Influence Before LASIK Surgery

If you’re wor­ried about under­go­ing LASIK surgery to the point where you’re suf­fer­ing from anx­i­ety, you should find a doc­tor who is will­ing to take the time to answer any and all of your ques­tions. It’s impor­tant for peo­ple who are con­sid­er­ing the LASIK expe­ri­ence to under­stand as much about the pro­ce­dure as pos­si­ble so they under­stand and trust the oper­a­tion is safe and effi­cient.

Of course, the thought of hav­ing surgery done on your eyes can cause some anx­i­ety, but a new study is show­ing music can help even the most agi­tat­ed peo­ple get through the pro­ce­dure with fly­ing col­ors.

Paris’ Cochin Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal was the set­ting for some recent research that showed peo­ple who lis­ten to relax­ing music before any kind of elec­tive eye surgery need­ed less seda­tion through the pro­ce­dure because they were calmer. Six­ty-two peo­ple took part in the study and they were divid­ed into two groups– the ones who lis­tened to relax­ing instru­men­tal music before LASIK surgery and those who didn’t.

After the oper­a­tion, both groups were giv­en a ques­tion­naire to fill out and the peo­ple who lis­tened to the music which decreased in tem­po over time scored low­er on anx­i­ety tests. The patients who lis­tened to the music also scored sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er on tests gaug­ing their post­op­er­a­tive sat­is­fac­tion with the pro­ce­dure. The find­ings have some oth­er inter­est­ing impli­ca­tions about the ben­e­fi­cial effects of lis­ten­ing to relax­ing music before elec­tive eye surgery.

LASIK surgery research lead­ers

Dr. Gilles Guer­ri­er was one of the research lead­ers who saw impli­ca­tions for oth­er types of elec­tive surgery and per­haps even expand­ing the uses of this tech­nique before surgery to oth­er types of oper­a­tions like ortho­pe­dics. The research also con­clud­ed that it is pos­si­ble post­op­er­a­tive pain is reduced when there is less anx­i­ety before the pro­ce­dure begins.

Under­stand­ing what you can expect from the LASIK expe­ri­ence and plan­ning accord­ing­ly is anoth­er way to lessen the appre­hen­sion you might feel. For exam­ple, you should make all the arrange­ments nec­es­sary, includ­ing a ride home after LASIK surgery and plan to take a few days off work if you need to.

LASIK expe­ri­ence ques­tions

Before you even make the deci­sion to go ahead with the surgery, you can ask any qual­i­fied doc­tor  sev­er­al ques­tions to put your mind at ease. They should be able to tell you exact­ly how many of these surg­eries they have per­formed in the past. Find out if all the equip­ment they will use for the pro­ce­dure you’re going to have is FDA approved and if you’re post­op­er­a­tive care will be fol­lowed up by a vis­it from the sur­geon who per­forms the LASIK surgery or some­one else.

Before you even decide to com­mit to the LASIK expe­ri­ence, it’s impor­tant to go through a pre­op­er­a­tive eye exam to find out if you’re a suit­able can­di­date. Your age and the sta­bil­i­ty of your cur­rent pre­scrip­tion play a role. And of course, your doc­tor will want to be able to see if there are any infec­tions or dis­eases present.

It’s also good to know the kind of music that was used to decrease anx­i­ety ranged from clas­si­cal to fla­men­co as well as piano instru­men­tals and jazz.

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