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Learn More About Lasik Recovery Time

Most patients who under­go LASIK typ­i­cal­ly recov­er with­in 24 to 48 hours.  Here is the quick sur­vival guide on what to expect for LASIK recov­ery:

Imme­di­ate­ly Fol­low­ing Surgery

Depend­ing on your doc­tor, you will most like­ly be on your away after 15 to 30 min­utes of rest fol­low­ing the surgery. You will be rec­om­mend­ed to wear sun­glass­es or eye shields to pro­tect your eyes as the corneal flap heals, so it will be best if you have a des­ig­nat­ed dri­ver.

30 Min­utes into Your Lasik Eye Surgery Recov­ery

Your numb­ing drops will begin to wear off and you may begin to feel mild burn­ing or an itch­ing sen­sa­tion.  DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES OR YOU MAY DISPLACE YOUR CORNEA FLAP. Fol­low your doctor’s post­op­er­a­tive instruc­tions to help you get through the dis­com­forts.

First 8–12 Hours

Tem­po­rary watery eyes. Your eyes may look blood­shot or devel­op red spots.

First Day and Weeks of Lasik Eye Surgery Recov­ery

Most patients return to their nor­mal life the day after lasik surgery. You can expect some slight dis­com­forts, such as dry eyes, as your eye is still heal­ing. It is impor­tant you keep your eyes lubri­cat­ed.

Your eye will con­tin­ue to heal 2 to 3 months fol­low­ing surgery and your vision will con­tin­ue to sharp­en.  Make sure you attend the fol­low up appoint­ments Dia­mond Vision sched­ules to ensure a healthy road to recov­ery.  Hope­ful­ly, this brief out­line answers some of your ques­tions about typ­i­cal lasik eye surgery recov­ery time.  For more infor­ma­tion sched­ule a free con­sul­ta­tion at one of the Dia­mond Vision cen­ters.

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