Laser Eye Surgery Trusted by Celebrities

Tiger Woods

When it comes to our health and healthcare, it is never worth it to take any unnecessary risks. This is especially true for our vision because we take it for granted every day but without it, we would struggle severely through even the simplest of daily tasks. Since LASIK’s approval by the FDA in 1996, more and more people have turned to laser vision correction surgery to take back their freedom and get rid of the constant hassle that glasses and contacts offer. While now LASIK (or other vision correction methods) is not considered to be new technology, the thought of performing surgery to improve vision may be difficult for some people to get behind and fully trust. When it comes to vision correction, seeking out the best doctor or procedures is best done from personal testimonials.

Well in the case of laser eye surgery, here is a list of celebrities that have entrusted their vision in these procedures to allow them to gain the vision that they deserve.

Brad Pitt

Perhaps one of the most well-known actors in show business, Brad Pitt opted to undergo laser eye surgery to correct his vision. Hollywood just wouldn’t be the same if Brad had to hide behind a pair of glass but thankfully to the advancements in medical technology, he was able to regain his vision.

Cindy Crawford

As a famous supermodel and actress, there tends to be a great deal of makeup involved when going on camera or being photographed and Cindy was no exception as it interfered with her shoots. She opted to undergo laser eye surgery to free herself from the hassle and professional hinderance of contacts.

Tiger Woods

Arguably one of the most dominant athletes of all-time, Tiger Woods decided that the benefits of laser eye surgery could really elevate his performance. Being a golfer, clear and precise vision is essential because the margin for error is immeasurably tiny.

LeBron James

In contention for being the best to have ever played the game, LeBron James is already a basketball legend. Being so dominant in a sport that requires extremely high levels of hand-eye coordination, LeBron trusted what laser eye surgery could do for his career.

Lebron James

Troy Aikman

A true Cowboys legend, Troy Aikman had an outstanding football career in Dallas and some of that could be attributed to his clear, perfect vision that he gained from electing for laser eye surgery. Being an elite quarterback in the NFL requires exact timing that can only come from crystal clear vision.

Richard Branson

This adventure-seeking, billionaire businessman, was tired of being limited on what world records he could break because of his lack of vision freedom. Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, leads an adventurous and fast-paced lifestyle and decided to not let his less than perfect vision hold him back any longer.

These are just a handful of celebrities and athletes that have chosen to rid their lives of the difficulties and inconveniences that come with having to wear glasses and/or contacts. In order to reach the peak of their respected careers, they all decided that perfect vision was essential. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to get laser eye surgery, let these individuals listed above and the millions of others serve as proof that you too can regain your vision. With locations around the Tri-State area and Atlanta, perfect vision has never been closer. Let our staff of award-winning surgeons, led by Dr. Stephen Stetson, discuss your options, eligibility and best procedure based on your specific needs. Schedule your free consultation or contact our Atlanta Lasik Surgery Center to discuss you eye health with our experts. 

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