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Professional Racecar Driver Gets Kamra Inlay

The suc­cess of the Kam­ra Inlay has been tremen­dous and is even trust­ed by those that depend on extreme vision acu­ity for their liveli­hood. James “CJ” Col­lier, a pro­fes­sion­al race­car dri­ver, began los­ing his near vision as he aged. Being a race­car dri­ver, he need­ed to con­tin­u­al­ly cycle his vision focus from gauges on the dash­board to the track through­out the race. Hav­ing elect­ed to under­go the Kam­ra Inlay pro­ce­dure, James knew that he need­ed to fix his vision if he want­ed to con­tin­ue rac­ing.

Extreme­ly sat­is­fied with the results of the surgery, Col­lier is now back to doing what he does best, rac­ing. “It was instan­ta­neous. It was real­ly kind of excit­ing because I was reach­ing for my glass­es and real­ized I didn’t need them,” Col­lier said.

As we age, many of us will strug­gle with our vision as a result of pres­by­opia (the nat­ur­al loss of near vision) even if there has been no pri­or his­to­ry of vision issues. Pres­by­opia is caused when the nat­ur­al lens in our eye, that is elas­tic and flex­i­ble in our 20’s and 30’s, begins to stiff­en. This stiff­en­ing of the lens makes it dif­fi­cult for the eye to adjust and focus the vision on objects that are close, so to com­pen­sate for this we may find our­selves mov­ing things fur­ther away in order to gain focus.

Kam­ra Inlay received FDA approval as the first legit­i­mate option for patients that suf­fer from pres­by­opia. Before the Kam­ra Inlay was approved, mono­vi­sion surgery was real­ly the only option to cor­rect for this. The Kam­ra Inlay is an implantable, reversible pro­ce­dure that involves plac­ing a small, very thin lens inside the first few lay­ers of the cornea. The pin­hole in the lens allows light that comes into the eye to focus prop­er­ly. This restores the patients’ near vision while main­tain­ing their dis­tance vision as well.

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