Intacs corneal implants is an FDA approved option for the ker­a­to­conus patient that is in-between con­tact lens­es and a corneal trans­plant!

Ker­a­to­conus is a pro­gres­sive eye dis­ease, which caus­es a thin­ning of the cornea, the clear front sur­face of the eye. As ker­a­to­conus pro­gress­es, the qual­i­ty of one’s vision dete­ri­o­rates and con­tact lens­es or glass­es no longer become a sat­is­fac­to­ry solu­tion for most peo­ple. His­tor­i­cal­ly, a corneal trans­plant has been the only option – until Intacs!

Intacs corneal implants are an excit­ing option for indi­vid­u­als expe­ri­enc­ing an intol­er­ance to con­tact lens and are fac­ing a corneal trans­plant. Intacs corneal implants may be the best pos­si­ble option to sta­bi­lize the cornea, improve vision and poten­tial­ly defer the need for a corneal trans­plant.

Intacs corneal implants are indi­cat­ed for use in the cor­rec­tion of near­sight­ed­ness and astig­ma­tism asso­ci­at­ed with ker­a­to­conus where con­tact lens­es and glass­es are no longer suit­able.

Intacs corneal implants are approved by the FDA for ker­a­to­conus under a Human­i­tar­i­an Device Exemp­tion (HDE).

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