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How Trendy Are Your Shades?

It’s hard to keep up with the lat­est sun­glass­es trends, espe­cial­ly when it involves an acces­so­ry that needs to com­pli­ment your facial fea­tures. As a man, there is a thin line to walk between mas­cu­line and play­ful. You don’t want to come across as tak­ing your­self too seri­ous­ly, and you don’t want to risk look­ing goofy for the sake of fol­low­ing a sun­glass trend. The best way to stay fash­ion for­ward and keep your look fresh is to find a frame that fits well with your face shape and over­all vibe. It doesn’t have to be much! A sim­ple pair of shades goes a long way and paired right, can be the defin­ing piece of your style.

Here are 2016’s top frames, some old and some new:

The Avi­a­tor

The avi­a­tor shape is a clas­sic for any man with a square or oval shaped face. The style has been around since the mid 1900s and each year, proves it is here to stay. A thin met­al frame and dark lens makes the avi­a­tor a suit­able match for any out­fit, rang­ing from leisurewear to a sharp suit.

Blue Reflec­tive Lens­es

In the last few years, col­ored lens­es have popped up as the lat­est trend in sun­glass­es. In 2016, menswear reduces that col­or down to just one: blue. If you’re pow­er­ing up with the mir­rored lens, make sure the rest of your ensem­ble is sub­tle. You don’t want to intro­duce too many pat­terns and col­ors on the street. The blue mir­rored lens is best paired with whites, blacks and greys.

The Way­far­er

The way­far­er nev­er goes out of style. Its sim­ple, squared frame fits any and every face and gives the mod­ern man a chic, sophis­ti­cat­ed look in any of his out­fits. The way­far­er sports many designs and col­ors these days, but 2016 favors its sim­plest, strongest all black mat­te look.

Trans­par­ent Lens­es

Trans­par­ent lens­es made a debut in 2015 and proved their place to stay in 2016. Trans­par­ent lens­es allow you to add the lat­est sun­glass­es trend to the frame that best fits your face and over­all look. Trans­paren­cy adds a burst of play­ful­ness when tak­ing your busi­ness pro­fes­sion­al look to the street. Match the hue of the lens to your skin type and cloth­ing – blend­ing in is best with these rad shades.

What will be in your eye­wear wardrobe for 2016? Remem­ber, keep it sim­ple and for best results, always tai­lor it to your per­son­al vibe.

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