How Trendy Are Your Shades?

It’s hard to keep up with the latest sunglasses trends, especially when it involves an accessory that needs to compliment your facial features. As a man, there is a thin line to walk between masculine and playful. You don’t want to come across as taking yourself too seriously, and you don’t want to risk looking goofy for the sake of following a sunglass trend. The best way to stay fashion forward and keep your look fresh is to find a frame that fits well with your face shape and overall vibe. It doesn’t have to be much! A simple pair of shades goes a long way and paired right, can be the defining piece of your style.

Here are 2016’s top frames, some old and some new:

The Aviator

The aviator shape is a classic for any man with a square or oval shaped face. The style has been around since the mid 1900s and each year, proves it is here to stay. A thin metal frame and dark lens makes the aviator a suitable match for any outfit, ranging from leisurewear to a sharp suit.

Blue Reflective Lenses

In the last few years, colored lenses have popped up as the latest trend in sunglasses. In 2016, menswear reduces that color down to just one: blue. If you’re powering up with the mirrored lens, make sure the rest of your ensemble is subtle. You don’t want to introduce too many patterns and colors on the street. The blue mirrored lens is best paired with whites, blacks and greys.

The Wayfarer

The wayfarer never goes out of style. Its simple, squared frame fits any and every face and gives the modern man a chic, sophisticated look in any of his outfits. The wayfarer sports many designs and colors these days, but 2016 favors its simplest, strongest all black matte look.

Transparent Lenses

Transparent lenses made a debut in 2015 and proved their place to stay in 2016. Transparent lenses allow you to add the latest sunglasses trend to the frame that best fits your face and overall look. Transparency adds a burst of playfulness when taking your business professional look to the street. Match the hue of the lens to your skin type and clothing – blending in is best with these rad shades.

What will be in your eyewear wardrobe for 2016? Remember, keep it simple and for best results, always tailor it to your personal vibe.

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