How Much is LASIK Eye Surgery In New York

A Patient and Team of Surgeons in the Operating Room During Ophthalmic Surgery.
Have you ever dealt with your contact lens falling out in a crowded street? Has it ever happened that you were halfway through your morning work commute just to realize you’ve left your glasses at home? Things like these happen. And unfortunately, more often than we’d like to admit. If you’ve wanted to get rid of your glasses and contacts, you’ve probably researched articles that discuss LASIK eye surgery cost, options regarding financing for LASIK, and post-op care appointments as a part of a comprehensive care plan that will be a crucial part of the entire LASIK surgery process from the initial appointment to the final checkup. Truth be told, different practices in different cities and states will generally have different LASIK prices and LASIK financing options. On that end, Manhattan LASIK surgery costs can be even more overwhelming just because of the sheer number of practices offering the procedure, not to mention the different financing options and care plans they offer. That said, we here at Diamond Vision always strive to go that extra mile to provide our patients with the best care and the latest technological advancements and provide all-around support to get the most out of the procedure. In this article, we’ll talk about LASIK eye surgery costs and why our practice should be your first choice regarding vision correction procedures in NYC.

Typically, How Much Is LASIK Eye Surgery In New York? 

Really, how much is LASIK eye surgery in New York? Getting a precise quote is incredibly difficult because the entire process will involve more than just the procedure appointment itself. Also, LASIK prices will vary depending on the specific procedure type and the equipment used to perform the intervention. Apart from that, some experts say that the costs have increased a bit, but that’s primarily due to the myriad of technological advancements that have made LASIK safer and more efficient.  When it comes to Manhattan LASIK surgery or any other vision correction surgery, centers will usually determine the costs by taking into consideration several elements that are included in the process, such as the following:
  • An initial consultation and procedure assessment (which is FREE with Diamond Vision)
  • Adequate pre-op care
  • The surgical procedure itself, which usually includes all the medications the patient will require, like numbing eye drops
  • Post-op care, follow-ups, and examinations

Diamond Vision LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

A Patient and Team of Surgeons in the Operating Room During Ophthalmic Surgery. To be precise, PRK and LASIK prices at Diamond Vision are $2,200 per eye. However, we are offering specific and ongoing discount programs for our patients.  Also, after you schedule your free consultation with us, you will be able to hear more about the many procedures we offer for our patients, along with our LASIK financing options and care plan arrangements. Naturally, we will also talk about the few simple steps that will help you achieve visual freedom to finally live the lifestyle you want – a life free of contacts and glasses. Additionally, Diamond Vision offers several benefits regarding the final LASIK price. After scheduling your first consultation with us, you can also talk to our experts, who take care of financing options. We are fully aware that financing for LASIK is also a crucial step in the entire process. With them, you can find the best option that fits your needs and situation.  It is in our best interest to help you find a financial and care plan that will enable you to save thousands of dollars with the procedure instead of dealing with the decades of costs that may accumulate from wearing contacts and glasses. 

Financing for LASIK 

Many centers, such as Diamond Vision, with years of experience in the field, offer several financing options for their patients. Often, this is a rather affordable and more convenient option for those people who want to correct their vision and get a great deal in the process.  Remember, each LASIK provider will have different payment options and arrangements, and only some practices (like Diamond Vision) will provide free consultations and examinations to those seriously considering LASIK. 

LASIK Financing at Diamond Vision

At Diamond Vision, patients can take advantage of financing for LASIK via Care Credit. We offer this option in all our centers, and several different payment plans depend on the line of credit.  Alphaeon Credit is another option people can take advantage of. With this credit card, patients will be able to choose from a wide range of payment options that all strive to help them reach their individual performance, wellness, health, and beauty goals.  Before opting for one of these options for your LASIK financing plans, it’s essential to discuss these options with our experts, so we can help you find the arrangement that meets your needs the most.

It’s Not Just About Finding the Lowest Price 

While the financial aspects of such procedures are always crucial, getting a great deal isn’t the only thing you should look for as a patient.  Apart from offering considerably lower prices, our patients have also noted that we were organized and professional from the moment they scheduled the first free consultation through our website. After that, during the first in-person meeting and assessment, our patients also stated that we maintained a high level of professionalism while being accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly.  Also, it’s essential to point out that Diamond Vision provides a full year of LASIK-related post-operative appointments for free. At the same time, most other centers only include three- or six-month periods. 

Why Are LASIK Prices Low at Diamond Vision?

With years of experience in the medical field, we have created a model that embraces the traditions and ethics of our profession, with an emphasis on excellence, patient satisfaction, and research. At the same time, we’ve also managed to scale our practice to have the technological and managerial innovations that enable us to stay competitive. Also, you shouldn’t forget that your first consultation is free. After that, the pre-operative measurements will usually cost patients around $250. Naturally, if the patient decides to undergo LASIK surgery, this fee will be applied to the overall procedure cost. For more precise information regarding payment, you are always welcome to reach out to our experts with any questions or concerns you might have. After that, before the surgery takes place, the payment must be made in full. Our practice accepts all major credit cards and bank checks. 

The Question of Insurance 

A Patient and Team of Surgeons in the Operating Room During Ophthalmic Surgery. Before scheduling your initial consultation, you should know that the majority of health eye care plans do not cover laser vision correction. On that end, you will have to consult with your insurance carrier to see your options. Still, as we’ve mentioned above, Diamond Vision offers several comprehensive vision and insurance plans.

Making Smart Decisions

Opting for LASIK shouldn’t be an overwhelming process, but you will still need to put in the necessary research, especially in NYC and Manhattan, where you have a bunch of options to choose from. Still, if you are looking for a competitive practice where professionalism, experience, compassion, and friendliness are the main driving forces behind every procedure, Diamond Vision is an obvious choice. Schedule your free consultation online so we can help you regain your visual freedom.

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