Have You Explored Your Post-Operation Warranty Options

Are you ready for Lasik, but still a little itchy about that price tag and what it includes? We understand. When you invest in yourself and put the scalpel in someone else’s hand, it’s only natural that you want some assurance!

Well, not only does Diamond Vision ensure your best vision going forward, but their care plans also offer post-operative warranty options.

  • Five years of warranty ($550)
  • Seven years of warranty ($750)
  • Lifetime ($1,000)

The warranty makes sure that you feel comfortable getting the procedure, knowing that you can rely on Diamond Vision to be there for you in times of need during those ensuing years.

It is highly important that you consider a surgeon who offers a Lasik guarantee. You don’t want to fight to be able to afford a procedure only to find out that a change needs to be made to your correction and bam- you’re slapped with a bill. Diamond Vision treats patients like family because in the not-so-good-at-seeing community, that’s what we are, right?

If you want to find out more about Diamond Care, Lasik lifetime guarantee and the options best fit for your financial situation, come into Diamond Vision for a free consultation.

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