Are You Seeing Floaters in Your Vision?

Vision Floaters

One day you’re reading the paper or looking at your computer screen and you notice some small dark spots drift through your vision. They appear to be small dots or string like objects that you notice but can’t focus on and the next second they’re gone. You think nothing of it, until the next time you’re looking for the spots. While they don’t interfere with your vision, they may be annoying so you decide to look up what they might be.

What are eye floaters? Eye floaters are small flecks of protein called collagen that come from the vitreous, which is the gel-like substance found at the back of the eye. Aging causes this protein to clump together and cast shadows on your retina. These shadows are the floaters, however they are a natural process of aging, if you see a flash that means the vitreous has pulled away from the retina and a doctor must be seen as soon as possible.

Floaters can be caused from:

Eye disease

Eye Injury

Diabetic retinopathy

Crystal-like deposits in the vitreous

Eye tumors

Serious eye disorders associated with floaters:

Detached retina

Torn retina

Bleeding in your vitreous

Inflamed vitreous or retina

Eye tumors

So if you find yourself with eye floaters and no other symptoms, don’t be alarmed. However, it is important to bring it up at your next visit with your eye doctor. If your vision is less than you would like, floaters or not, maybe laser eye surgery is something you should consider. Visit Diamond Vision homepage for more information on the procedures they perform and their locations. If you are seeking for eye care in Atlanta, contact our center in Northlake GA.

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