Eyes of Hope, Helping the World See.

Many of us take our eyes and vision for granted, not really knowing what it would be like to suffer from poor vision or even having the slightest clue of what life would be like without the ability to see at all. However, there are so many kids and adults that suffer from vision impairments, poor eye health, and lack of access to eye care and eyewear. Eyes of Hope is an eye charity organization that seeks to address and provide the necessary eye care and eyewear to those in need.

One of the ways Eyes of Hope is helping those with vision impairments is by raising funds through tax-deductible individual donations as well as strategic partnering with companies that wish to support eye care projects around the world. Eyes of Hope also helps organize eyewear donations and collection drives by allowing eye care professionals to setup eyewear donation boxes in their offices. Several other ways that Eyes of Hope help in reducing the global vision problem are mobile eye care clinics, eye care gift certificates, advancing the study of optometry, and employee giving. To learn more about the wonderful things Eyes of Hope are doing or to make a donation to their cause, please visit https://vspglobal.com/cms/vspglobal-outreach/home.html.

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