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Do Pinhole Glasses Really Improve Vision?

Those of us that have eye­sight issues know how annoy­ing and trou­ble­some they are. Even if we are just deal­ing with com­mon myopia (near-sight­ed­ness) or hyper­opia (far-sight­ed­ness), most of us will do almost any­thing we can to fix our eyes per­ma­nent­ly. As a result of this com­mon con­cern, many com­pa­nies have cre­at­ed and pro­mot­ed prod­ucts that they claimed could fix your eye­sight per­ma­nent­ly through­out the years. These var­i­ous prod­ucts have includ­ed eye­sight exer­cise pro­grams, at-home heat or light ther­a­pies and most recent­ly, pin­hole glass­es. But do any of these do-it-your­self solu­tions actu­al­ly work? 

Let’s take a closer look at the effectiveness of pinhole glasses at improving vision.

Do pinhole glasses work?  The answer to this is both yes and no.

Pin­hole glass­es can cer­tain­ly make your eye­sight clear­er… while you are wear­ing them. This is due to the way pin­hole glass­es focus light onto your reti­na. Your reti­na, in essence, is like the pro­jec­tion screen from which you see.  Nor­mal­ly, if you have myopia or hyper­opia and you aren’t using any cor­rec­tive lens­es or pin­hole glass­es, the image that gets focused by your lens and cornea gets dis­played either too far for­ward (with near-sight­ed­ness) or too far behind (with far-sight­ed­ness) of your reti­na.  This makes what­ev­er you are look­ing at blur­ry and unclear.

How­ev­er, pin­hole glass­es reduce the amount of light that pass­es through to your eyes and this caus­es your pupil to con­strict. These con­di­tions cause the image you are look­ing at to be pro­ject­ed with much more clar­i­ty onto the reti­na. Actu­al­ly, this phe­nom­e­non has been known for quite awhile; it is one of the rea­sons that squint­ing (in essence, a type of pin­hole) can tem­porar­i­ly give you a clear­er image of what­ev­er you are look­ing at. Some pin­hole glass­es man­u­fac­tur­ers argue that the clear­er vision their prod­ucts give users can become a per­ma­nent improve­ment. They believe that pin­hole glass­es train your eyes and eye mus­cles to focus prop­er­ly again. How­ev­er, optometrists argue that there is no evi­dence of this type of per­ma­nent vision cor­rec­tion and that clin­i­cal tri­als are nec­es­sary in order to ver­i­fy these claims.

For now, it seems pin­hole glass­es need to be stud­ied more in-depth to tru­ly deter­mine their abil­i­ty to cor­rect vision issues. If you have fur­ther ques­tions about your eyes such as “Do pin­hole glass­es work?”, please give us a call at Dia­mond Vision. It would be our plea­sure to help you answer any ques­tions or con­cerns you have about your vision!

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