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Client Success Story — Tricia Wang

We love hear­ing how our work is mak­ing a dif­fer­ence in peo­ples lives.

This testimonial is from Tricia Wang:

OMG 3 months after my PRK surgery @diamondvlasik I’m at 20/20 vision! My com­put­er enhanced eyes have been ful­ly opti­mized by the world’s best LASIK sur­geon, Dr. Stet­son, who as the ex-chief oph­thal­mol­o­gist at the U.S. mil­i­tary oper­at­ed on our country’s pilots and astro­nauts. Why would you get LASIK any­where else? The gov­ern­ment trust­ed this man to sur­gi­cal­ly manip­u­late the eyes of their most valu­able experts and would have killed him if he made even the small­est mis­take. So yeah, get your eyes done here.

In addi­tion to the advice I gave about get­ting LASIK in my pre­vi­ous posts, here are some addi­tion­al things I have learned:
1. If you go to Dia­mond Vision, Make sure you sched­ule all fol­low up and pre-op appoint­ments with Dr. Pen­shorn — she’s the most patient and pro­fes­sion­al.
2. Also, sched­ule all your appt w/ Bir­ginia. Every­one else is nice but she will go out of her way to make the sched­ule work for you.
3. When the doc says it’s ok to move on from Preser­v­a­tive free Tears, but Sys­tane Bal­ance — it con­tains lipid oil so it’s extra mois­tur­iz­ing for your eyes!!
4. Don’t freak out by all the online per­son­al accounts of sui­cide and depres­sion due to post-LASIK dry eyes. These are per­son­al accounts and there aren’t enough con­trolled clin­i­cal peer-reviewed tri­als of post-LASIK dry eye effects to attribute causal effects.
5. If you wear con­tact lens­es like me, one rea­son why I want­ed to get LASIK is cuz I was already expe­ri­enc­ing chron­ic dry eyes due to being a long-term con­tact lens­es user.
6. Long-term con­tact lens­es use trau­ma­tizes ocu­lar oil glands but con­tact com­pa­nies don’t want you to know that!
7. Dr. Stet­son is con­duct­ing the first large-scale con­trolled tri­al track­ing pre-op to post-op dry­ness symp­toms. Ask him about it and look it up on his web­site!
8. To pre­vent post-LASIK dry eyes, fol­low Dr. Stet­son ’s Tear Film Opti­miza­tion direc­tions: pre­vent inflam­ma­tion by avoid­ing eye rub­bing, get dai­ly fat­ty omega, take reg breaks, avoid UV, man­age humid­i­ty, and avoid fried food.
9. Pri­or to surgery, change the text size on your phone — this is an expert tip from @baratunde #prk­lasik #tri­ci­ain­lasik #LASIK (at Dia­mond Vision)”

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Born in Connecticut and raised in Upstate New York , Dr. Stetson graduated Cum Laude from Colgate University in New York, and then earned an MD degree with honors at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He distinguished himself again in residency at the Albany Medical Center, where he obtained the highest percentile in the Ophthalmology Knowledge Assessment Examinations. Dr. Stetson has performed more than 50,000 refractive surgeries and has been on staff at Diamond Vision since 2004, before becoming Medical Director in 2006.


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