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Am I a Good Candidate For ICL?

Firstly, What is ICL?

ICL is a pro­ce­dure that cor­rects myopia, hyper­opia, and astig­ma­tism through Implantable Con­tact Lens­es (ICL).

The per­ma­nent con­tact lens­es implant reshapes each cornea as if the lens was the new thin, gen­tly curved cov­er­ing of the eye. By using the new shape of the ICL, the most refrac­tive errors are reme­died and patients see with­out any squint­ing or cor­rec­tive wear.

You might be won­der­ing about the dif­fer­ence between an implantable con­tact lens and your reg­u­lar cor­rec­tive lens­es. ICLs are per­ma­nent; each is sur­gi­cal­ly placed inside the eye, where it works in con­junc­tion with your nat­ur­al lens. The two lens­es work togeth­er to make per­fect vision.

How are the permanent contact lenses inserted?

In order to prop­er­ly place the thin lens­es, your doc­tor will cre­ate a small inci­sion in the cornea. Depend­ing on the health of the eye and degree of rem­e­dy required, the lens is slipped in front of or some­times behind the iris and always in front of the nat­ur­al lens.

Why get ICL instead of LASIK?

ICL often cor­rects refrac­tive errors that are too extreme to be fixed by laser eye surg­eries. ICL is espe­cial­ly com­mon in com­mons with severe myopia (severe near sight­ed­ness) and slight astig­ma­tism.

Am I a candidate for ICL?

Cor­rect­ing vision and achiev­ing per­fect sight through implantable lens­es sounds ide­al to us all, but it is reserved for an acute por­tion of patients. Find out if you might qual­i­fy as a patient fit for ICL by check­ing off the fol­low­ing cri­te­ria:

  • Ages 21–45. ICL is not com­mon­ly per­formed in patients over 40. As we age, most of us will expe­ri­ence pres­by­opia, a nat­ur­al aging process of the eye where far­sight­ed­ness sets in and nor­mal range of visions shifts. Sur­geons rec­om­mend hav­ing the pro­ce­dure before this ini­tial change and not per­form­ing it dur­ing the like­ly age span of sight change.
  • Mod­er­ate to severe myopia. ICL cor­rects between -3 and -20 diopters. If your refrac­tive error is not as severe as this pre­scrip­tion, ICL would over cor­rect your vision. In the case of mild to mod­er­ate myopia, a laser eye surgery is like­ly the bet­ter option.
  • Minor to no astig­ma­tism. While ICL can be used to cor­rect astig­ma­tism, the lens­es approved by the FDA only treat up to 2.5 diopters of astig­ma­tism.
  • Pupil size. Your sur­geon will deter­mine whether your pupils are large enough to under­go surgery and small enough to com­plete the surgery safe­ly. Who knew you’d ever need to have medi­um sized pupils!
  • No his­to­ry of eye trau­ma or reti­nal detach­ment. Reti­nal detach­ment and oth­er trau­mas place the eyes in com­pro­mised posi­tions, and surgery would fur­ther put the eye attach­ment at risk.
  • Not cur­rent­ly on steroids or immuno­sup­pres­sant drugs
  • Six months to one year with an unchang­ing vision cor­rec­tion pre­scrip­tion. Depend­ing on the lens­es your sur­geon rec­om­mends, the cor­rect time frame will be select­ed and ana­lyzed. It’s impor­tant that the vision is gen­er­al­ly sta­t­ic so that the lens­es are effec­tive.
  • Not preg­nant or breast­feed­ing, as hor­mones in the body at this time play with the vision. Wait until after birth and breast­feed­ing.
  • Poor can­di­date for LASIK. Many patients who do not qual­i­fy for LASIK make excel­lent can­di­dates for the ICL tech­nol­o­gy. Some com­mon qual­i­ties of patients who did not qual­i­fy for LASIK but qual­i­fy for ICL are dry eyes, thin cornea, and severe myopia.
  • Not aller­gic to local anes­thet­ic eye drops, as these are pos­i­tive­ly nec­es­sary for under­go­ing the pro­ce­dure.

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