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Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK, or laser in-situ ker­atomileu­sis, is the most com­mon laser eye pro­ce­dure to cor­rect refrac­tive vision prob­lems. Over 600,000 Amer­i­cans each year choose LASIK to cor­rect near­sight­ed­ness, far­sight­ed­ness or astig­ma­tism.

Dur­ing LASIK surgery, your sur­geon makes an inci­sion across the cornea of the eye, rais­es a flap of tis­sue and reshapes the cornea to cor­rect vision. You may have mis­giv­ings about allow­ing a sur­geon to cut your eye, but stud­ies show that com­pli­ca­tions occur in few­er than 1 in 20 pro­ce­dures and even these are gen­er­al­ly minor prob­lems that don’t cause vision loss. LASIK is a good option for improv­ing vision for many rea­sons:

  • Patients usu­al­ly do not expe­ri­ence pain with LASIK.
  • Vision is improved imme­di­ate­ly after surgery. An esti­mat­ed 95 per­cent of patients who under­go LASIK improve their vision to 20/40 or bet­ter, while 85 per­cent return to 20/20 vision.
  • In most cas­es, no ban­dages or stitch­es are required, and patients can resume their nor­mal sched­ule with­in 24 hours.
  • LASIK can take a few weeks to adjust your vision and the results are per­ma­nent, although the eye pre­scrip­tion can still change over time. The only time a fol­low-up pro­ce­dure may be nec­es­sary is if eye­sight changes slight­ly with age or the ini­tial cor­rec­tion was not enough. Fur­ther adjust­ments can be made sev­er­al years after LASIK surgery to cor­rect vision if the vision has shift­ed.
  • Patients usu­al­ly expe­ri­ence a dra­mat­ic reduc­tion in the need for glass­es after LASIK surgery, and some patients do not need to wear glass­es at all.
  • Even though LASIK requires a finan­cial invest­ment upfront, patients expe­ri­ence hun­dreds of dol­lars of sav­ings each year because they do not need to update their eye­glass and con­tact lens pre­scrip­tion.

Talk to your eye care pro­fes­sion­al if you would like to get more infor­ma­tion about how to per­ma­nent­ly cor­rect your vision. LASIK could be the most con­ve­nient and cost-effec­tive option.



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