$2000 Off iLasik Eye Surgery In New York, New Jersey And Connecticut!

Here at Diamond Vision, we’re very excited about our latest promotion, where we are taking a full $2000 off our regular price for our best refractive surgery package, iLasik, now available in all of our office locations in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut! Using exclusively customized wavefront-guided VISX laser technology, the very best in the industry, this procedure combines intralase bladeless flap technology, for faster, more precise healing, and unrivaled visual outcomes. But don’t just take my word for it.  Feel free to click on the attached study comparing wavefront-guided VISX laser outcomes to its nearest competitor.  This study was performed by colleagues of mine in the Navy and their data is unquestionable.

Of course, there a few of my competitors that may offer iLasik, but do your research well and you’ll find that Diamond Vision’s price for iLasik is a full 20% less!  With state of the art diagnostics, corneal strength testing that the other centers don’t have, and award-winning surgeons, our value speaks or itself.   Remember, iLasik is more than just LASIK, it’s a totally customized procedure, specific to you and your eyes alone, combined with the most precise bladeless laser flap technology money can buy.   We are proud to have been named in Forbes magazine’s one of the Top Ten Lasik Practices in the Nation. On top of that, we will be with you every step of the way and for years to come should your vision needs change as you go through life.  That’s right, we do cataract surgery and many other procedures to help patients who may have had laser eye surgery years ago, but now have reached that stage in life where cataracts become more prevalent.  Having that continuity with a team that already knows your eyes is priceless.    Thank you for giving my team and me the opportunity to provide you with outstanding vision! Please call us today to schedule your consultation at 1.888.997.4510.

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